Welcome to the www.allergenius.it web site.

This site is under construction by the "Allergenius® team"; a team coordinated by Giovanni Melioli.  

The aim of this site is to introduce the Allergenius expert system. Recent advances in microarray technology, such as the ImmunoCAP ISAC®, have lead to major improvements in molecular allergy testing. Allergenius is specifically developed by leading allergologists to help interpret the results of such test.

In the "Concepts" section, a list of rules and definitions used in the expert system code are shown. In addition, in the "Reports" section, some examples of the reports obtained using Allergenius are presented.

We hope that you enjoy this site and appreciate both the power and potential of artificial intelligence as applied to molecular allergy diagnosis.


ImmunoCAP ISAC® is a registered trademark of Thermo-Fisher/Phadia AB

AllerGenius® is a registered Trademark of ARMIA, Genova, Italy